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Specialist psychologists deliver individual or group sessions psychological services in the areas of: Anxiety: such as general, social and performance anxiety, obsessions and compulsions, panic attacks, phobias and fears. Read more… Coaching:

Executive and Personal Coaching, Career Assessment and guidance. This helps high functioning people achieve their full potential. Coaching may be applied to work related or personal goals and may be used with an individual or with a group of people working as a team. Read more….

Depression: feeling sad, lethargic, hopeless or depressed. Lethargy are some of the presenting symptoms however a full assessment is required. Grief and Loss: separation, death or divorce, or other loss. Read more… Trauma: reactions to physical or accidental trauma, sexual abuse, or any traumatic events. Read more… issues of self-worth, competency, achievement, and personal confidence. Read more… Hypnotherapy evidence-based: to stop smoking, lose weight, change habits, sleep better, pain relief, stress management, fear of public speaking, sexual issues, blushing, relaxation, fears, phobias, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other issues. Read more…

Relationships: such as couples therapy, problems with partners, spouses, family, commitment; dating; relationship breakdown; infidelity; jealousy; forming relationships; communication and relationships skills. Read more…

Sexual Issues: performance anxiety; erectile difficulties; PME; pain; loss of desire, or any other issue. Child and Adolescent Problems: Anxiety, depression, exam anxiety, study problems, behaviour problems, effects of divorce or separation.

Work Problems: stress, interpersonal skills, performance, burnout, retrenchment, conflict resolution and other EAP related issues. Read more…

The main aim of the specialist psychologist services offered is to help our clients achieve a better quality of life. Our services target the specific needs of clients and ensure that desired outcomes are achieved.