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Sexual Issues

Sexual problems: Sexual problems in adulthood may be related to feelings of personal inadequacy, conflicting feelings regarding the opposite sex, severe family or religious training regarding sexuality, or experiences of sexual abuse in childhood. The most common sexual problems in men include premature ejaculation, problems in achieving or maintaining an erection, and diminished or excessive sexual desire. The most common problems in women include diminished sexual desire and problems in achieving a climax.

Couples often have problems because their levels of sexual interest are different. I see many couples in my practice where the opposite problem exists. Treatment of sexual problems always starts with a good psychosocial history including, but not restricted to the nature and history of the problem.

A psychologist is interested in other aspects of a person’s history and present life, because problems in sexual functioning can only be understood in the context of a person’s whole life situation. Pressure or conflict in other areas of your life may play a role in causing the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Depending on the nature of the problem, the psychologist may recommend having the spouse or other committed sexual partner involved in treatment. You can expect a psychologist to approach your problems in a manner, which is sensitive to your feelings, and you can expect him or her to behave in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.